Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day #8 - Ballybunion

Hallo jeder!  (That means "Hello everybody" in German.)  Today, we woke up in the charming Brookmanor Lodge.

After breakfast, we drove over to the Ballybunion Golf Course and dropped Tim off to play a round of 18 holes.  

While Mom, Holden, and I were waiting, we walked over to a nearby beach.

There were tons of cool rocks there, so we got inspired and started making rock sculptures!

Once we finished those, we made our way down to the town of Ballybunion.  There, we found a cute little ice cream shop called Sundaes.  They sold huge ice cream sundaes, so of course we had to get some!

Holden with the "Gut Buster"
Me with the "Hint of Mint"
Jack with his custom sundae
And by the way, Matt, my mom did come with us.  She's just always behind the camera!  She says that she never likes the way that her pictures turn out, though.  I don't know why...

That's all, folks!  Keep checking back every once in a while for more!



  1. Wait I'm confused...didn't you go to Ireland?? Do they speak German there??

    Tim has a bunion??? Then why is he playing golf?

    Oh..nice pic...is that what happens when you get a brain freeze?

  2. matt always has the funniest comments! :-)
    Love the picture of Jen - one of her best! That hotel looks great - do you get free breakfast there? I hear Ireland eats the most cereal of any nation in the world.

    Zach says "wazup"?
    Dan wants to know how the Golf is?
    Cole says that Megan has the coolest blog!
    I want to know what the food is like...

    1. I think all they have is oatmeal...oh wait and fries.

  3. They are called Chips, not fries. The food is fantastic and I will need a drastic diet when we get home. Have to go. Breakfast is included in our hotel so we have to get down there. Will take some photos of the food for you today.

  4. Dan, the golf is awesome. Ballybunion and Portmarnock are two of the most difficult courses that I have ever played. Combination of wind, tiny landing areas and the fact that you need to land the ball short and run it up to the flag make it very challenging. Beautiful views! Megan will post another update later. From Tim

  5. I am enjoying your Blog, keeping up to date all the time.

    Bíodh lá deas. O Colette