Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day #19 - The Irish Open

Hello again!  Today my dad and I went all the way to Carton House Resort to attend the Irish Open.

The rest of the family, who didn't want to go, enjoyed a "lazy day" at home and around town.

But back to the Open!  After getting lost twice on the way there, we finally made it.  We parked right by this neat little castle:

The entrance was pretty cool to walk through, too.  Each sign has a different fact about Ireland on it:

Once we got in, we bought some food and drinks and began wandering around.  We decided to stand at the 16th hole's tee box and watch each player tee off.

It was amazing to see so many famous golfers so close-up!  (Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any pictures of the golfers whatsoever, so that's why this post will have so few photos.)

We were walking along when we saw an iPod lying on the ground.  Random!  We picked it up, of course, but to our disappointment it had a passcode.  Whoever set the wallpaper probably wasn't expecting anybody else to see it, though...

We decided to be good people and turned it into the Lost and Found, which gave all of the people in charge of that booth a good laugh.

Just before we left, I got a picture with Rory McIlroy, who, although he didn't make the cut, I was lucky enough to meet.

When we returned to Blainroe, we found Holden, Jack, and Jen all playing tennis on a nearby court.  After joining them, we ate a nice dinner at Apache Pizza in Wicklow and came home, where I am currently sitting here typing at the computer.

And that was our day!  Thanks for reading, and I will write more in the near future.

Slan go foill!



  1. Hmmm...I can see why Rory didn't make the cut. He seems a bit stiff.
    And pale.

    Oh cool! An Irish iPod! Or would that be o'Pod??? Did you try 1234 for the password??

    Irish pizza? What's that like?? Did it have potatoes on top???

  2. I can answer your questions about the Irish pizza. The place seemed to be owned by a family from China. Ireland has become quite cosmopolitan since the Celtic Tiger! Anyway, they had a nice little operation, hired some Irish girls to answer the phones, take orders, and DELIVER the pizzas. I grabbed a menu to leave here at Colette's house, so she can experience the joy of a pizza delivered. Here are a few of the pizzas that stand out: The Big Buffalo = premium pepperoni, ham, american style beef-balls, bacon, chicken, sausage. Or there is the All Day Breakfast pizza with sausage, crispy bacon, fresh mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. You might like the Mexican Pepper Volcano which is grilled Cajun chicken, American style meatballs, jalapenos, peppers and chili peppers, on a sweet n tangy bbq base. The kids had ham and bacon pizza and Tim and I enjoyed the Mediterranean, which was tomatoes, olives and onions. No potato toppings.