Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day #22, #23 - Viking Splash, Grafton Street, Photo Shoot, and Trim Castle

Hello readers!

So, let's start with yesterday, shall we?

We started the day by driving over to Dublin.  There, we would soon meet our buddies Cathy and Shannon, along with their Spanish friend, Paola, at the Viking Splash Tour.

You see, this wasn't any normal, boring bus tour; this bus was a boat, too!  Driving straight into the water was the weirdest thing.  The tour guide said that it "goes against every natural instinct" to do that, and I see why!

After that, my mum and I couldn't resist visiting Grafton Street one last time!

When we bought way more stuff that we should have, we went to a nice place for dinner with Shane, Colette, and Cathy called Mario's in Sandymount.  We all agreed that the food was fantastic!

Once our stomachs were nice and full, we headed over to our friend Agata's photo studio, Dlight Studios, for our very first family photo shoot!

Although some say that modeling is hard work, to us it was just a lot of fun!

Today, we said farewell to our home away from home in Blainroe.  It was so kind of Colette to let us stay in her house.  (Thank you!)  After that, we were on the road, headed to Trim Castle.  Trivia fact: The movie Braveheart was filmed there in 1994.

We didn't have enough time to go on the tour, but just walking around and looking at the ruins was incredible!

A couple of hours later, we checked into the Hilton Hotel (which, as I learned today, is owned by Paris Hilton's father).  We will only be staying here for one night, and tomorrow morning we will be waking up at 6:00 sharp to catch the shuttle to the airport.

I am so sad that we are leaving; Ireland is so amazing!  I'm sure that getting back home will be a big relief for all of us, though.

By the way, I probably won't have time to post again tomorrow, with all of the chaos with airports and flights and such.  (In case any of you were wondering, we are taking an 8-hour flight from Dublin to Chicago, Illinois, then another 4-hour flight from Chicago to San Francisco.)  In that case, this may be the last O'Eldredges blog post!  How tragic!  You know, this blog has really grown on me.  I will have to think about the "Keeping Up with the Eldrashians" blog, Lori!

Thank you all so much for reading the blog and making the whole concept so fun!  You are all super-supportive, and I'm really glad that most of you enjoyed reading it.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you:  We have driven exactly 3,618 kilometers overall during our trip.  For those of you in America, I'll leave it to you to convert that into miles.

Well, I will see a lot of you back home in California, which we are all looking forward to.  But for now, have a great rest of your day!

Slan go foill!  Tabhair aire!




  1. Umm...let's see 3,618 Km into miles...I think that is an AP math class problem. So, 3,618 x 2.0573 divided by the inverse of the sum...carry the one, multiply by pi and extract the remainder less .175...use the Pythagorean theorem times twelve inches in a pound...hmmm...and voila!

    2248.121 miles

    So to drive that far did you have to circle Ireland like 3 times??? It's so tiny on the map.

    Bring back one of those car/boat things...those look cool. I want to drive/sail to Monterey.

  2. Okay, we'll try to steal one for you.

    Hey, thanks for doing the math for us!

    Going to catch the shuttle in a few minutes ... Wish us luck!


  3. Good Luck! When you are all settled in ( I am sure it will take a few days), give us a call -we would love to see you. Just doesn't feel like summer without the Eldredges! We should start one of those Bus/Boat thingys at Hidden Beach! :-) Have a safe and fun trip home!

  4. Hi Megan
    Hope you trip home was smooth and everyone got lots of sleep!
    You and Jack look good in the Viking hats!
    Bet Sadie and M&M will be Really Happy to see you all!!

  5. We did a tour in Seattle where the bus (really a restored WWII amphibian vehicle) went into the Lake Union so we could cruise around for a while - fun! The best part was when the tour guide/driver asked everyone if we wanted to go into the water slow or fast - we all yelled "fast!" He replied, "Slow it is then."