Monday, July 1, 2013

Day #21 - Avoca and Sugarloaf Mountain

Hi everyone!

Hey, would someone do my a favor and comment and tell me whether that post that I tried to publish earlier posted?  I would really appreciate it, because I can see it, but I'm not sure if everybody else can.  Thank you!

Anyway, today we drove down to a store/restaurant called Avoca Hand Weavers.  Colette also met up with us there, so it was wonderful to see her.

After we had some tea and snacks from the food section, we walked around the actual store.  It was huge!  They had home appliances, men and women's clothes, jewelry, books, a kids' section, a garden section, and more!  We spent a lot of time in the garden; Jack especially liked the hydrangeas.

We soon said farewell and parted with Colette.  Once we did, we headed to Sugarloaf Mountain!

It was quite a climb, but the incredible view from the peak was definitely worth it.

When we finally reached flat ground again, we were starved and drove back to Wicklow to grab some dinner from Apache Pizza.  We were so hungry that we wolfed down the pizza without taking any pictures (sorry!).

We promised Jack that we would play tennis afterwards, so we arrived at the court and had only been there for two minutes when we lost our only tennis ball.  Oops.

Luckily, we found a playground nearby, so the visit wasn't a complete waste!

Holden rocking the springy thing while I am practicing my ninja moves in the background

I got stuck in this (for real) and Jack tried to get me out

That's all, folks!  Thanks for reading, and check back for more soon!



  1. Wow! A whole mountain made of sugar??!!!

    Why is Jen throwing Jack off that mountain???

    Ummm, that 'playground' sure looks like someones backyard.

    Nice ninja moves. Where is the picture of the bag when it knocked you on the ground???

    Why didn't you go to Papa Murphy's huh?? I'll tell you why, because there isn't any!

    Good blog O'Megan...too bad you're stuck in a pig swing thing,

  2. I love the picture of you looking at the view from sugar mountain, but like matt, I am concerned that Jen is strangling little Jack! :-) I am sad that this blog is ending - I have LOVED reading it and "Keeping up with the Eldreshians" Can you keep a summer blog going?
    See ya soon!

    1. Lori...I believe you mean - "we didn't go to ireland", but thanks for the shout out!

      At the return of the O'Elredge's trip there will be a vote as to which blog truly captured the spirit of the vacation (or staycation).

      Your vote would be appreciated. And if you do vote for us you will either receive a pie or maintenance on your hot water heater.


  3. If you vote for the O'Eldredges, we will not try to bribe you with some ridiculous prize, as some have promised. We will only praise and respect you for your generous amount of kindness and support.

    Thank you all very much!