Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day #5 - A Day in Dublin

Hola, amigos!  Today, as you probably guessed by the title, we went to Dublin!  Well, we were all tired at the beginning of the day because of the fact that we had to get out of bed fairly early.  We've been staying up late the past few nights because during the summer in Ireland, the sun doesn't set until after 10:00 at night!  But when we saw this, I woke up pretty darn quick.

An Irish Spider (We Named Him Fred)

After that thrilling experience, we headed over to the train station and took a train from Bray to Dublin.

Here's a picture of Jack having a blast on the train:

While in Dublin, we went to Trinity College.  It was very interesting, and the architecture was beautiful.

This was the line to see the Book of Kells.  Needless to say, we didn't join it.

After the college, we went shopping on Grafton Street.

We enjoyed watching the street performers, too.  Most of them were dressed up in funny costumes:

The "Statues"

The Horses, Leprechaun, Etc.

Also, Tim tried to make a "phone call" . . .

 . . . and we saw this lady!

You're probably thinking, "What's so bad about her?"  But look at those SHOES!

I don't even see how she can walk in those!

But anyway, I hope you liked reading about how our day went.  

Oh, and a BIG thanks to Ray for providing us with Internet connection.  This post couldn't have been brought to all of you lovely people out there without him!

Well, until next time . . .



  1. LOVE the shoes! :-) It all looks like so much fun! What is your favorite so far? Does the food taste yummy there, or is it all various forms of potatoes?
    Miss you guys!
    -Lori, Zach, Cole and Dan

  2. Tim, were you calling the fashion police on that lady with the gold shoes??
    Fred looked really cool. Are you planning to bring him home??
    I think I've seen those horse people on Pacific Garden Mall.

    Good job with the blog O'Megan! Did your mom go with you? I don't think I've seen her in any of the photos yet.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys! To answer your question, Lori, my favorite part is just being in Ireland! It's really fun traveling around and seeing how everything is different. And the food is delicious here! I've been having a lot of fish and chips lately, along with tons of tea. Plus, my dad is loving the traditional Irish breakfast of fried eggs, rashers (Irish bacon), beans, mushrooms, toast, and black and white pudding (I dare you to look it up!). My mom prefers the salmon, though. But overall, it's been a really great experience for all of us. And yes, Matt, my mom came with us. :)